Charge All Subscribers on a Given Day-of-the-Month

We now can Charge All Subscribers on a given day of the month! The additional configuration appears on our subscription plan editor within the subscription option panels, allowing you to control when to automatically charge the consumers.

image (13).png

This option is only available with a shipping frequency unit of months. If you do not wish to use the day-of-month charging feature, you can select the "Day of previous order" option in the "Ships On This Day Of The Month" dropdown. In addition, the "Cutoff" option is available, which controls how originating orders are handled.

The 'Charge Now' button is not available in the Customer Portal, as subscribers are not allowed to choose their charge date. Lastly, if the day of the month is changed for a subscription, the next charge date will not be updated until the next order is processed.

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