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Merchants can provide customers with a Prepaid Plan Option for subscription-based Selling Plans. This feature is especially useful for products that are consistently consumed over time, like coffee, or for products that might be gifted. Moreover, with the enhanced Prepaid feature, merchants now have the capability to set minimum and maximum limits for the number of billing cycles, offering greater flexibility in customizing the subscription model.

Setting Up a Prepaid Plan Option

  1. Access the Selling Plan Option: Navigate to the Selling Plan you wish to modify or create a new plan.
  2. Select the “Prepaid” option: Find and check the “Prepaid” box.
  3. Define the Billing Cadence: Specify a billing cadence that is a multiple of the shipping frequency.
    • For instance, if shipping is set to every week, billing could be set to every 3 weeks, using a consistent time measure like weeks.

Configuring Maximum Billing Cycles

When this is enabled, the subscription will only bill the specified number of times. This is especially helpful when gifting a prepaid subscription. If someone wants to gift a subscription, setting a maximum subscription cycle ensures that the gift is time-bound. For instance, a person can gift a coffee subscription for exactly one year, after which it won't auto-renew, preventing unexpected charges. 

  1. Access the Create/Edit Subscription Page: Go to the page where you intend to set up or modify a subscription plan.
  2. Choose Maximum Settings: Find and check the "Enable Max Cycles" box 
  3. Setting the Values: When enabling "Maximum", indicate the maximum number of billing cycles.

Customer Interactions with Prepaid Plans

  • After selecting a Prepaid Plan Option, customers cannot add more products to the subscription or modify delivery dates.
  • Customers can modify the upcoming billing cycle actions.
  • Customers cannot add one-time items to an upcoming Prepaid order as Prepaid Plans are unique from other subscription types.
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