Can I customize the default emails?

Customizing Upscribe Transactional Emails

This guide walks you through the various ways you can update email templates in Upscribe to create a more branded experience. Presently, text and color customizations are done with HTML or markdown. 

Adding A Logo

In Upscribe go to Settings > Advanced Settings > General Settings > Upload Logo

Changing Colors

These steps are for the Subscription created email. In case edits have been made or another template is used, the line number may be different but you should be able to search the color code to see where it's showing in the code and update that.

Change the Manage Subscription Button Color

  1. The default color for the manage subscription button is #418BD5.
  2. Find it on line 343 and change it to your desired color code.

Change the Accent Color for Links

Toward the top of the template, you can see there's styling for links:

  a {
           color: #676767;
           text-decoration: none !important;

Under that (for organizational purposes), you can add the code to change the color:

 a:link {
           color: #97cf84;

Change the Background Color

For the background color, look for this section of the email:

      <td align="center" valign="top" width="100%" style="background-color: #f7f7f7;">
               <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="600">
                           You have an upcoming subscription !

That #f7f7f7 is what you want to change.

Email Liquid Variables

To pull subscription information into an email, use the variable

  • First name: {{subscription.shipping.first_name}} 
  • Last Name: {{ subscription.shipping.last_name}}                  
  • Shipping Address:
    • {{subscription.shipping.address1}}, 
    • {{subscription.shipping.address2}}, 
    • {{}}, 
    • {{}}, 
    • {{subscription.shipping.province_code}}, 
    • {{subscription.shipping.country_code}} 
  • Subscription frequency: The product will be shipped every {{subscription.billing.interval}}{{subscription.billing.frequency}}s

Previewing Your Email

Add a variable of Subscription ID or Payment Attempt ID in order to preview emails based on a spacific customer or payment. 

Each email template has an Edit icon available. When clicked the full HTML version of the email will be available for editing. 

Click Preview to view how the email will appear to customers. 

The preview should look like this: 

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