Transactional SMS Notifications On Upscribe

Merchants can now enable transactional SMS, which allows them to send SMS notifications to customers who have opted in for the following actions and events:

  1. Opt-in Confirmation
  2. Opt-out Confirmation
  3. Opt-in Welcome
  4. Subscription Created
  5. Subscription Upcoming
  6. Subscription Paused
  7. Subscription Resumed
  8. Subscription Cancelled
  9. Subscription Reactivated
  10. Subscription Expired
  11. Subscription Failed
  12. Subscription Skipped
To access and enable SMS, Merchants should navigate to Settings > Notifications > SMS.
Merchants are required to set up a Twilio account and provide their credentials to Twilio to enable transactional SMS. Once credentials are added and SMS is enabled, we pre-load templates for all of the above events and triggers. The merchant can then enable the notifications they wish to be active for their customers.
Additionally, customers have the ability to interact with the SMS messages with quick replies that allow them to take action on their subscription. Those quick actions include:
  • S → Skip
  • C → Cancel
  • N → Ship Next
  • R → Reactivate/Resume
  • M → To see a menu of actions
  • Stop → To Unsubscribe
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