Shopify Checkout for Subscriptions

Upscribe’s V2 subscription application extends into the Shopify checkout. Benefits of migrating over to Upscribe V2 and utilizing the Shopify checkout for subscriptions include: 

1. The features and functionality for Upscribe V2 and beyond on our product roadmap can be found here

2. Shopify’s Checkout is tried, tested, and true. No need to worry about downtime during BFCM, the holiday shopping season or during flash sales. 

3. Shopify’s checkout fully supports Shopify Payments and Shop Pay: the Fastest and Best-Converting Checkout Experience on the Internet. More benefits on Shop Pay can also be found here

4. Using Shopify Payments enables merchants to leverage Shopify’s fraud analysis and fraud prevention capabilities. 

5. Shopify’s product roadmap to integrate functionality for subscriptions directly inside the Shopify Checkout can be found here

6. For merchants on Shopify Plus, the Shopify checkout is customizable using the checkout.liquid

7. For merchants on Shopify Plus, unique and creative discounts can be offered using the Script Editor App and Shopify Scripts

8. Merchants will no longer need to support two checkouts–all customers will be directed to one checkout which creates less technical debt for merchants and a more streamlined checkout experience for customers.

9. Merchants will no longer need to maintain two versions of the same discount codes for two separate checkouts. 

10. Merchants will be able to better leverage Shopify’s overview dashboard which provides rich analytics and insights into sales, AOV, CLTV, and sales by day plus much more. 

11. Merchants who run flash sales will be able to leverage Shopify’s live view report for real time analytics and insights into sales performance. 

12. Shopify’s checkout supports Google Autocomplete to improve conversion rates. 

13. For merchants on Shopify Plus, Shopify’s checkout supports Avalara for improved tax calculations, management and compliance. 

14. Shopify sends emails to help recover abandoned checkouts as seen here.

15. More benefits and functionality for the Shopify checkout can be found here, such as customer accounts which helps support Upscribe’s customer portal where customers make changes to subscriptions, ability to add store policies, and better ability for customizations and branding. 

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