Viewing or editing a customer's subscription

You can locate a Customers subscription by selecting the Customers tab in the header menu. 

If you need to locate a specific customer, we make this super easy to do with the filter options located in the dropdown. 
Once the option is selected you can then use the search field to find the exact customer you are looking for.

Once you've located the customer you're looking for, use the View Customer button to see their details. 

The Subscriptions tab is selected by default. You can choose a Quick Action or select Details to see all subscription information. 

Subscription Quick Actions

When you select the Quick Action dropdown, a menu of options will appear and you can choose any of them to make changes without having to open the subscription details. 

The following Quick Actions are available:

Charge Now

Once this is selected a charge and order are created immediately.

Cancel Subscription

This option cancels the subscription. A cancelled subscription can always be reactivated with the Activate Subscription option.

Pause Subscription

When selected, the subscription is still active, but no orders will be processed unless the subscription is reactivated. 

Change Shipping Frequency

This allows you to change the shipping frequency of the subscription orders.

Change Next Charge Date

This allows you to pick a custom date for the next order to process.

See Details

Selecting this opens the subscription details page to see all available subscription information and make further edits.

Activate Subscription

Only available for subscriptions with a status of Cancelled or Paused, allowing you to reactivate the subscription and make further edits.

Subscription Details

By selecting Details, you are brought to a subscription details page where you can choose Quick Actions for the subscription or make other changes. In addition to the Quick Actions detailed above, you can also change the following:

Updating Shipping Address

Select the pencil icon to edit the shipping address where the orders are sent.

Update Payment Method Notification

Select the "Send Update Email" button and Shopify will send an email prompting the customer to update their payment method on a secure page.

Update Product Quantity

Use the + and - icons to change the quantity of the product for the subscription. 

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