Creating a Bulk Action

Bulk actions allow you to apply an action to a select group of subscriptions. To start, go to Settings>Bulk Actions

Click the "Create Bulk Action" button and you will see fields two fields. One to upload a CSV file of Subscription IDs and the other for choosing they type of bulk action. The Subscription IDs should be listed horizontally in row 1 of the file. 

Click on the paperclip icon to choose the CSV file of Subscription IDs and click Open. The file name should appear in the field. Click on the  action dropdown field to view and choose the action. 

Once the file is uploaded and action chosen, click "Initiate Bulk Action". A message will appear at the top of your browser, click OK to proceed.


You will be sent to the main Bulk Actions page and the new action will appear at the top of queue. You can click View to see more details about any bulk action in the queue. 

Available actions are:

  • Activate Subscription
  • Skip Next Order
  • Pause Subscription
  • Cancel Subscription
  • Send Update Payment Method Email
  • Charge Subscription Now
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