Customizing the Customer Portal

By adding branding colors and other style elements, the customer portal can match the branding of the rest of your site. You can update fonts and colors within the admin settings of the Upscribe App with just a few clicks. 

Under Setting, click Customer Portal. The settings are on the left side-bar, and the preview is displayed to the right. 

Basic Settings

To choose the Primary, Secondary, and Accent colors, click on each and use the color picker to select the correct colors. You can also add Hex values if you have those available. 

To adjust the font, use the Font drop down menu to choose from our library of 100+ font types or add a custom font. 

Once set, the changes will be immediately available in the Design Preview. Once you're satisfied with the color and font selections, click the "Save" button in the banner near the top of the page. The customer portal will then update to reflect your selections. 

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings are located below Basic Settings in the left side-bar. Click the down arrow to expand the section and view your options. Here, you can use the color picker to select new colors for Info, Success, and Warning. You may also update font sizes for the different text elements like headings, subtitles, body, captions, and more. 

At the bottom of the side-bar, you also have the option to add Custom CSS. You or one of your developers can add CSS for additional styling in the available area. Click "Apply Now" to apply the CSS to the Design Preview. 

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