Running a test transaction with Upscribe

Before you begin

Make sure to set Shopify Payments to Test Mode, see the guide Testing Shopify Payments in Shopify's Help Center for more information. 

Step 1 - Create an order

Go to your storefront. As we recommend installing on a backup theme, make sure you are previewing the unpublished theme to see the subscription plans. Add a subscription for one of your products to your cart and complete the checkout process using a test credit card.

Step 2 - View the new order in Shopify

Navigate to your Shopify orders section to confirm the order was successful.

Step 3 - View the new subscription in the Customer Portal

This not only helps verify that installation is successful, but allows for first-hand knowledge of how customers will interact with their subscriptions. Log in as the test customer to view the newly created subscription and verify that users can complete the following actions:

  • Update Subscription Name
  • Update Shipment Date
  • Update Shipping Frequency
  • Update Shipping Address
  • Trigger Update Payment Method Email
  • View Next Order Details
  • Cancel Subscription
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