Do you support Klaviyo?

Yes, we do and it only takes a few simple steps. 

Setting Up Klaviyo + Upscribe

Start by logging in to the Upscribe app, and heading to Settings > Integrations. 

Locate the Klaviyo events you'd like to enable and click the Configure and Enable button. 

A pop-up window will appear asking for authentication. 

Click on the Klaviyo section and follow the authentication instructions for adding the public and private API keys. 

Once authenticated, the event is enabled and any other Klaviyo event listed can be enabled by simply clicking the "Configure and Enable" button. 

What can this integration do?

When Klaviyo is enabled for the Subscription Created and Subscription Updated metrics, customer records will update when those events occur. Additionally, Custom Properties will be added to the customer record in Klaviyo. An overview of the Metrics and Properties that populate are included below.

Custom Properties

  • Next Charge Date
  • Variant ID
  • Sub ID


  • Active Subs Count
  • Has Active Subs
  • Next Charge Date
  • Sub ID
  • Sub Status


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