Supporting Non-Configured Frequencies On Upscribe Subscriptions

Subscription Flexibility: Our system allows subscriptions to exist and be altered, even if they're set on non-configured frequencies. For instance, if you previously had a customer subscribed to receive products every 3 weeks, even when you only offered frequencies of 2/4/6/8 weeks, this would be fully supported.

Product Discounting:

  • Products that are already discounted will keep their discounts, no matter the changes in quantity or frequency.
  • For newly added products, the discount will be determined based on the closest subscription plan configuration. The system is smart enough to select the most appropriate discount, whether it matches the exact frequency or the closest available one.
Examples: Suppose you offer discounts of 30% every 2 weeks, 20% every 4 weeks, and 10% every 6 weeks. Here's how the system would apply discounts for varying frequencies:
  • 1 week: 30% off
  • 2 weeks: 30% off
  • 3 weeks: 20% off
  • 7 weeks: 10% off
Additional Nuances: We've also integrated considerations for prepaid versus non-prepaid products and the ability to manage products available on multiple subscription plans. The goal is to offer the steepest possible discount where applicable.
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