How to update notification emails with Upscribe

If you want to update your Email notifications in the Upscribe app, follow this guide! 

1. Go to Settings in upper right corner and select "Notifications" from the dropdown:

iScreen Shoter - 20230110133952521.jpg
2. Choose Email
iScreen Shoter - 20230110134021905.jpg
3. From this page you can select which email template you'd like to edit or customize. 
4. Update the sending email address by adding your Custom Email address to the Sending Domain Settings field. 
The default sending address is:
iScreen Shoter - 20230110134120093.jpg
5. Add a new template by using the button highlighted below. 
iScreen Shoter - 20230110134150206.jpg
6. You can customize the email details once you've selected which template you're working with.
iScreen Shoter - 20230110134231607.jpg
iScreen Shoter - 20230110134337523.jpg
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