Cancellation Reasons and Churn Deflection

One of the first things you will want to do after installing the Upscribe Application on your store is customize your Cancellation Reason and set up some Churn Deflections. 

This can be seen as optional as we do have reasons setup out of the box. However, we highly recommend setting the reasons up to be tailored to your specific brand and needs. 

In order to find the Cancellation Reasons area you will want to navigate over to Settings, hover over Advanced Settings, and then select Cancellation Settings.

You will then be met with the below screen:

At the top of the page you will notice two different options to select and create Cancellation Reasons for. These are the Customer Cancellation Reasons, which will be viewed and used within the Customer Portal. The other Is the Admin Cancellation Reasons, these will be used by your Customer Relations Team when canceling a customers subscription within the Upscribe Admin.


#1: Add a brand new Cancellation Reason to the List below.

#2: Edit the the current text for the Cancellation Reason

#3: Delete Reason

#4: Click and Drag Reason to rearrange their order

#5: Add Churn Deflection Reason

#6: Add a Nested Cancellation Reason to gain more context as to why they are Canceling. 

Churn Deflection Reasons:

With this option you can set up Churn Deflection Reasons. These reasons should be set up to match the options you have created. 

The current options are shown below, these will be expanded with more option with new Updates:

Ask Customer to Skip Next Order: This will allow the customer to Skip their next order while preventing them from canceling.

Ask Customer To Change Frequency: The customer will be presented with the preset frequencies set up within the Subscription Plan for this product.

Offer A Discount For theNext Order: You can pre-set an additional discount that will only be applied to the following order. Once applied to the next order it will then default back to the original discount set by the subscription plan.

Ask Customer to Give The Next Order To A Friend: The Customer will be prompted to update the shipping address to someone else allowing them to gift it away.

Add a Nested Cancellation Reason

Nested Cancellation Reasons are a great way to gather additional information as to why your customers are canceling their orders. This new information can then be used to pivot your business strategies to further prevent churn.

For Example:

Each nested reason can have its own Post Submission Action (We will be building more Post Submission Action options in future updates) 

Configure Cancellation Page

This setting gives you the option of configuring the messaging that displays on the cancellation page. 

Contact Person

Within this area you are able to set up a Contact Page for the customer to reach out to before they process their cancellation request. This can be good if you have an inhouse retention team or if you would rather have the customer speak with your support team prior to canceling their subscription. 

Subscription Benefits

The Subscription Benefits area allows you to customize and display all the benefits your customers will miss out on if they choose to proceed with canceling their subscription.

One-Click Cancellation:

In some states, mainly California, there needs to be a single button to cancel any subscription without any barriers or blockers trying to prevent people from canceling. You can use the “Show Direct one-click cancellation button” option in order to have a direct cancellation button when your customer wants to cancel their subscription. The Cancellation Reasons you create will still display below this button if your customers choose to use them. 

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