Editing Customers Subscription Products (Merchant Admin)

Editing a customer's products lets you make sure they are receiving exactly the products they need for that order. Being able to Edit, Remove, or Swap products can prevent Churn, and create an amazing experience for your customer. 

In order to edit your customers order you will first need to be logged into the Upscribe Application.

Once in Upscribe navigate over to the Customer Tab:

From here, locate the appropriate customer from the list, you can filter and search if necessary. 

Now select “View Customer”:

If the selected customer has multiple subscriptions, be careful to select the one you intend to edit. 

Now select “Details”:

To add a product to the existing subscription you will want to select Products in the top bar of the Subscription Details window:

This will open a pop up displaying all the products that are included in the Subscription Plan the customer has signed up for, select “+ ADD” in order to add that product to the subscription:

Once a product has been selected, a new screen showing the Variants of the product will be displayed. Select the variant your customer desires and complete the action by pressing “Add to subscription”:

Once added you will be led back to the Subscription Details Window. If you need to adjust the quantity of the product you have just added, click the plus or minus sign in the quantity column in the area highlighted below:

You can also delete items from the customers subscription by pressing the “X” on the far right-hand side of the products. 

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