Using the Customer Portal

Your customers can access their subscriptions and make changes to them by logging in to their Customer Portal. 

Putting this control in you customers hands can save you loads of time processing minor requests on their behalf. 

This area is located in the Customer Account area within your Shopify Storefront. The Customer Portal is only accessible if you have Customer Accounts enabled. If you haven't enabled Customer Accounts yet, we highly suggest you enable them to make use of this feature.  

Once the customer is logged into their account they will need to select the Manage Subscriptions link. This can vary in design based on the theme you are currently using.  

Once logged in, the customer lands on the Subscriptions page and can use the View Details button on any active subscription to view or edit it. Once on the subscription details page, the customer can use the + icons to expand sections on the left side of the page to edit. 

This area is where the customer can choose to Skip Shipment or Ship Tomorrow. It is also in this area where your Customers can adjust the quantity or delete products from the subscription. 

You are also able to add quantities and other products to your subscription.

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