Using Upscribe On Shopify

Upscribe at its core is a recurring billing app built to help you handle and manage subscriptions. It fully supports most of Shopify's features so you can seamlessly manage your orders across both systems. 

Feature Note

Online Store 

Upscribe relies on the Online Store to host the code required for subscription orders.


Most Shopify Themes are supported by Upscribe. In the event that you are using a non-standard Theme, reach out to the Upscribe support team for assistance with installation.
Customer accounts Shopify creates a customer profile in Upscribe when a subscription order is created through the Shopify Checkout. When a customer registers their account they can access their Upscribe Customer Portal using the same email.

Shopify weight-based shipping rates

Upscribe references your shipping rates in Shopify.

Product weights remain static, so weight-based shipping rates work best. The least expensive applicable rate will be provided to the customer.

Carrier-calculated shipping rates Upscribe references your shipping rates in Shopify and presents them at checkout. As carrier-calculated rates use product weight, they are compatible with Upscribe.

Refunding a subscription does not cancel future charges. Cancelling a subscription needs to be processed within Upscribe.

Abandoned checkouts Checkouts are handled by Shopify. Shopify's Abandoned Checkout feature is compatible with subscription orders/products.
Shopify Payments Shopify Payments is Shopify's in house payment gateway that works with subscription orders through the Shopify Checkout.
PayPal Express PayPal Express can be used as a payment method for subscription orders. 
Fraud analysis Orders are processed within Shopify. Shopify is the best point of contact if you have any questions about their Fraud analysis feature.
Shopify Shipping Locations The shipping location the product inventory pulls from is controlled within Shopify.
International domains The checkout domain and translations are controlled within Shopify.

During checkout, Shopify utilizes your inventory settings to process orders. The order will error if you do not have enough inventory and are set to not oversell.

Upscribe will always check the inventory levels with Shopify before processing a recurring order. You can choose to have the order always created, despite your inventory levels, or only allow orders to be created if the inventory is available. 

Shopify Scripts

Shopify Scripts can be used by merchants on Shopify Plus. More info on using Shopify Scripts and the Script Editor App for subscriptions can be found here

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